Assessment of Learning

New Leaf Psychological Services offers Psychoeducational  assessment to address
concerns about Learning Disabilities and giftedness, to better understand
individual learning profiles, and to evaluate for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity

A complete Psychoeducational assessment is the first step in understanding the
learning needs of your child.  Dr. Carlson has extensive experience in assessing and understanding the complex needs of students, and in making recommendations which can be easily implemented by parents and teachers.

The Process of Assessment
Psychoeducational assessment is tailored to your child’s individual needs.  Assessment includes the following:

  • collection of information from important people in your child’s life
  • direct evaluation of your child
  • complete discussion and explanation of the findings of assessment
  • provision of individualized recommendations to support your child
  • provision of a detailed report that may be used to advocate for your child in their
    learning environment