COVID-19 Healthcare Worker Resources

I have gathered some resources for Healthcare Workers specifically that I will include below.

I have also put together some self-hypnosis resources to help shore up resources for healthcare workers dealing with the unique stresses of COVID-19. Feel free to download to your preferred device and listen at your leisure by clicking the 3 dots. I would recommend listening to them in a quiet private space, not while driving, and when you can give yourself time to consolidate the ideas. Start with focusing on slowing your breath down, breathing slowly, deeply and evenly. Email me if you have questions or would like to develop a personalized version for your unique situation.

You can play the files within this page or right-click to download.

Don’t Touch Your Face (help to resist touching your face)

Calm and Comfort in the Midst of Coronavirus

Rumination (to help you stop thinking about things you can’t control)